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Elder’s Antiques Features Two Store Fronts on Historical Cherokee Street Antique Row. Family Owned and Operated for Over Thirty Years and Four Generations. Both Locations Specialize In Fine Antiques, Furniture, and Collectibles.

Founded by the Eley family in the early 1980’s.
The antique shop first went by the family’s ancestral name, Basada’s.
By the mid 1980’s the Eley’s oldest daughter Cherri Elder was a full time partner with her mother Jackey. The store name was changed to Décor Unlimited and remained like that until Jackey retired in early 2000. About that same time Cherri’s oldest daughter Cheyenne began practicing the antique business. Cherri and her husband David Elder bought the largest and oldest antique shop in St. Louis at 2124 Cherokee Street. They named the new location Elder’s Ltd. A few more years passed while the new location expanded. The volume of inventory and number of clients grew and the family was stretched beyond ability. Eventually, Cherri’s brother Walter whom we call “Butch” brought his furniture repair and moving skills to the family business. Everything was smoothly operating when in 2013 the old shop the family owned and loved went up for sale. With the recent passing of Walter then Jackey our family wanted the old shop back. We brought in Cherri’s youngest daughter Shannon and purchased back the old building. The family agreed to revise the name one last time and call both locations Elder’s Antiques. Currently, Cheyenne and Shannon supervise both shops at 2124 & 2016 Cherokee Street. We count on the assistance and knowledge of dear family friend and estate sale operater George Theodore. Cherri spends most of her time purchasing, while Butch uses his weekends to pick-up, and repair furniture with his sons. Cherri’s grandchildren help out on the weekends and during the summer months.

Thank you for visiting our store and considering our items. There are a few things to know before buying from Elder’s Antiques. All of our items are acquired from private estates in St. Louis Missouri area. Nothing comes from out of state or auctions. We post high resolution pictures and scans, please look closely. What you see in our pictures is the item you will receive, if purchased. We take pride in trying our best to post quality pictures. Some items like glass, pottery, and metals are reflective and hard to capture perfectly. We also list the closest possible measurements, and date if we have the knowledge. All hallmarks, trademarks, labels, and maker marks will be included. We have three generations of experience, knowledge, and research skills, but we don’t know everything and couldn't possibly be experts in every aspect of the vast variety of antiques we offer. Many things are open to personal interpretation, use your own judgment, and are encouraged to ask questions before making your purchase. We make an extra effort to appropriately package each shipped item. Most things are double boxed and every item over $20.00 leaving our store is insured. If your purchase arrives damaged or broken from shipping we will need your help with the insurance claim. Often times the post office wants to see the packaging and the broken goods before they will issue a refund. We promise to communicate and stay connected until any issue is resolved.  Thank you for visiting our site and considering our items.

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